May 2, 2014


Natural and CG Moving Images Penlight with Built-in Full Color Hologram:
“WOWLIGHT” On Sale for Entertainment Business
~Sale planned exclusively for fan club members at a concert by Shoko Nakagawa~

Artience Lab Inc. (CEO: Akira Shirakura, headquartered in Mobara, Chiba Prefecture) announces the development of the full color holographic stereogram, “WOWgram”, that can be printed from video data of several seconds or from 3D image data.

Artience Lab will also begin sales of a new product, “WOWLIGHT”, that combines “WOWGRAM” with a penlight.

Wowlight全体外観 Wowlight全体外観

“WOWLIGHT” is designed by combining “WOWGRAM” with LED illumination for its viewing under the optimum condition, and “WOWLIGHT S1” in the form of a penlight is the first model to go on the market. With its use mainly as cheering goods for supporters of artists at such events as concerts, it is aimed to develop business with a view to its application as a variety of goods for sales promotion and as items such as novelties, souvenirs and mementos. The first occasion for sale is to be the sale as official goods planned exclusively for fan club members at the concert by Shoko Nakagawa to be held at the Maihama Amphitheater on May 4-5, TOKYO SHOKO☆LAND 2014.

【Features of “WOWGRAM”】

  1. Full Color Imaging of Natural Video and Animation Realized by Holographic Stereogram Technology
    The imaging method of “WOWGRAM” uses holographic stereogram technology that enables the recording of more than two hundred image frames on a single hologram by digital image processing. It can be exploited as items in advertising and marketing because of its capability to display as holograms not only still and moving natural images such as of persons, which is not possible with conventional holograms (model holograms) that are imaged by illumination of laser light on models, but also images generated by 3D computer graphics, animation and morphing.

    【Example of“WOWGRAM”images】
    <natural image of a person>

    <computer graphics>  <animation>
    コンピューターグラフィックス アニメーション
  2. Optical Recording on Lippmann-type Hologram Material
    “WOWGRAM” is produced by recording variations of refractive index at a resolution of more than several thousand lines per millimeter in a photosensitive material for Lippmann-type holograms by using the optical interference phenomenon. It offers the intriguing experience of viewing in monochrome or full color depending on the color of the illuminating light. In contrast to a stereogram that uses lenticular (semi-cylindrical) elements to display images from a pair to tens of points of views solely by means of refractive phenomena, the holographic stereogram allows the recording of images with more than a hundred different points of view on a thin medium with a thickness of several tens of microns. “WOWGRAM” can display smooth moving images and three-dimensional images because of this capability to record several hundred parallax images.
  3. Reproduction of Natural Three-dimensional Images by Matching the Positions, Orientations and Optical Characteristics of the LED light and WOWGRAM
    By principle, alterations of the color reproduction, resolution and lightness of a hologram or holographic stereogram by changes in the conditions of illumination in viewing them cannot be avoided. “WOWLIGHT” uses an LED light source that is optimum for the reproduction of the “WOWGRAM” to enable clear viewing under any ambient condition by matching such characteristics as the emission wavelength distribution, optical directionality and brightness.


Artience Lab plans to move forward, starting with the entertainment field, to develop markets and technology in a variety of fields to continue to introduce products that provide high customer satisfaction to the market.

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